Deleting Dimensions with Instant2D in SOLIDWORKS

   By Robert Gemmell on December 28, 2022

INSTANT2D – Extra Credit

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Question: Why would I use Instant2D when it interferes with my ability to delete dimensions and doesn’t give me access to the Modify Popup?

This is simply a matter of workflow and understanding what SOLIDWORKS is doing to help us.

Deleting Dimensions

With Instant2D in SOLIDWORKS unselected you are probably deleting dimensions by clicking on the numerical value and hitting delete on the keyboard.

Once Instant2D is active you’ll notice if you click on the numerical value, you instantly get the option to change it, but now the delete key removes the numerical value not the dimension.

The work around is simple, make it a best practice to select dimensions from the leader lines instead of the numerical value itself, by doing this you can now delete dimensions just as easily as before.

Accessing the Modify Popup

Without Instant2D you are probably double clicking a dimension to activate the modify popup.

Once Instant2D is active you may notice when you try to double click it “instantly” gives you the option to change the value without the added control of the modify popup.

This work around is simple, all we have to do is speed up our double click and you can still activate the modify popup.

Now that we’ve given you a clear best practice when working with Instant2D let’s go over the advantages.

You are able to change dimensions with a single click instead of a double click and waiting, albeit a split second, for the modify dimension popup to appear.

Instant2D in SOLIDWORKS is especially useful when doing conceptual work where you are playing with the design, now you can click on a dimension and drag the blue handles to see the changes in real time, hovering over the small or large notches on the ruler to get the value you wanted, these increments can be changed in the modify dimension popup!

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Robert Gemmell

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