Define and Simulate Your Welds in SOLIDWORKS

   By Malak Souissi on May 4, 2023

Do you have structures made in SOLIDWORKS that are welded and would like to simulate them through your SOLIDWORKS FEA? Whether it is sheet metal or weldments, this article will guide you through how to tackle defining then simulating welds in SOLIDWORKS.

  1. What is Edge Weld Connector?

The Edge Weld Connector is a tool that determines the suitable weld size necessary for joining two metal components.

It computes the weld size required at each mesh node location on the weld seam and allows you to choose between American or European Welding Standards to conduct the weld calculations.

You can access the Edge Weld Connector in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.

It is worth noting that The Edge Weld connector is not available for composite shells. Surface Body and Solid Body contact is needed.

  1. Where do you find Edge Weld Connector?

weld edge connector location

The Edge weld connector can be found on the simulations tree menu, under the Connections.

  1. Working with Edge Weld Connector

Edge Weld Connector is a robust tool that allows you to define your: weld type and weld sizing through one menu.

Weld types vary from Fillet, Double-Sided, Fillet, Single-Sided, Groove, Double-Sided or Groove, Single-Sided.

weld sides face settings

Particularly in Weld sizing, Edge weld connection also includes working with either the American or the European standard. This software calculates stresses according to the standards’ prescribed equations.

weld sizing in SOLIDWORKS

Estimated size weld is the weld diameter you are planning to use.

After defining the weld, it will be represented and reflected both in the graphics area and under the “Connectors” menu. This helps the user further to recognize the welds in place in case of structures with a high number of welds defined.

final weld in connectors menu

Once the Edge Weld has been defined, the user can run the simulation and define a check plot, follow the next article that explains how to simulate and get results of a weld edge that’s been defined: Simulate your Welding in SOLIDWORKS with Weld Edge Simulation

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