Creating and Using Intelligent File Names in DriveWorks

Using “smart part numbers” can be a great way to not only keep your orders and part numbers organized, but also makes it easy to identify an assembly or part from the existing features.

TriMech System Architect – Design Automation, Devin Martin, shows how DriveWorks makes it easy to incorporate intelligent naming right into your files, or custom properties so you can easily search for, and identify the exact part you are looking for. Additionally, you can use take advantage of intelligent file naming to spec out a brand-new component simply by entering in part numbers saving time when quoting and placing orders.

During this On-Demand Webinar you will learn:

  • What is an intelligent file name
  • Creating intelligent file name rules
  • Condensing long file names
  • Using a part number to define a specification
  • Re-use of components if the part number exists
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