Creating a Walk-Through Animation in SOLIDWORKS

   By Jorge Villacres on July 7, 2023

In this blog, we will explore a new feature that allows you to create a captivating walk-through animation in SOLIDWORKS.

On the screen, we have an assembly and a sketch that will define the camera path for our animation. Let’s get started by clicking on the Motion study tab and adding a new camera under the lights, camera, and scene section. As we do this, you’ll notice that the screen splits into two sections. On the left, we have the assembly and camera positions. To fix the view, simply press the F key on your keyboard.

side by side view

Now, the left section displays our assembly and camera, while the right section shows what the camera currently sees. Additionally, a new options panel appears on the left, where we can configure our camera settings. First, let’s select the target point for our camera, which in this case will be the left side of our assembly.

Setting up target point for camera

Next, we’ll set up the initial position of our camera using the first point of our sketch. To verify that the camera follows the sketch path, you can adjust the wheel from 0 to 100. To keep the camera parallel to the floor, we’ll keep the camera rotation at zero. Finally, let’s ensure that our camera covers the entire assembly by fixing the field of view.

Once our camera settings are in place, we can accept them and proceed to define the final position of our camera. To do this, move the time key from 0 to 10 seconds. Reopen the camera settings and specify the target point and final position, which, in this case, will be on the right side of the assembly and the end of our sketch. Accept these settings.

target point and final position

Now, let’s select our camera view and hit play. As we do, we can preview our animation and observe how the camera follows the selected path. Remember, you can save this animation and utilize it for various content or media purposes.

That concludes our blog on creating a walk-through animation in SOLIDWORKS. We hope you found it enjoyable and informative. Don’t forget to follow us for more TriMech Video Tech Tips!

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Jorge Villacres

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