Create a collaborative bridge between electrical and mechanical design

   By TriMech Marketing on April 25, 2014

Picture this.

You’ve spent countless hours designing the perfect control system, and it’s ready to be released. Your eyes are bloodshot, carpal tunnel is setting in and you can’t remember the last time you saw sunlight. Are you even sure what year it is?

Finally, you’re done. You send your files to the mechanical engineers with a smile on your face and a sense of satisfaction. It’s exactly what was decided in the design review meeting. It’s all downhill from here (or so you think).

Not so fast! You get a reply with a laundry list of integration issues and disjointed materials. Fixing these problems will add several more hours of work for you. You take some deep breaths and contemplate pounding your forehead into the keyboard.

We’ve all been there. A lack of collaboration in the workplace leads to wasted time and wasted money. It’s frustrating. When it comes to working more effectively with your colleagues, SOLIDWORKS has solutions.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical can help streamline communication between your electrical and mechanical design teams so you never run into compatibility issues again.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides easy-to-use tools for:

  • Powerful schematic design tools for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic system
  • Synchronization between schematics and 3D SOLIDWORKS CAD models
  • The unification of design documentation among ALL departments

We want to help get you set up with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. You can request a free quote on our website or give us a call to see if SOLIDWORKS Electrical is right for you.

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