Contractors for Hire! 5 Reasons to Consider Contractors

   By on January 22, 2020

At some point this year you may look up from your workload and discover that your company is a little behind on a project. Maybe you have a backlog of work to complete from the previous year or maybe big projects are rolling in nonstop and need to be completed quickly. Regardless of the reason, your company might find that you just don’t have a slot for an extra hire to keep things rolling. There is a simple solution to this hurdle: contractors.

Projects piling up can be overwhelmingWe have spoken to numerous clients that tell us they won’t consider contractors, they only use permanent hires or they don’t think it’s worthwhile to have temporary help. With a little arm twisting, we persuade them to try out a contractor and in many instances, they end up keeping their contractor longer than anticipated or even wish to convert them as soon as possible because of the fit/talent level they’ve discovered.

So, what is it about contractors that can be so helpful? If you are sitting on the fence about bringing on temporary talent, what has made others go from doubters to believers? Here are our top five reasons clients love working with contractors.

#1: Save Money

When you bring on a contractor, they are not counted against your company’s overhead, but rather the staffing agencies’ and are on their payroll. While employed by a staffing company, such as TriMech, the benefits they receive also come from the agency. If you decide it is not a good fit, releasing the contractor also does not count against your company.

#2: Flexibility

Do you often have varying workloads? Have you hired someone only to have them sitting around because there is not enough consistent work for them? With contractors, you bring them on to complete specific projects so you can manage their assignments easily. If there is more work for them to complete, great, but if not, you can rest easy knowing there is no fault in having them move on after the task is complete.

#3: Bridging Gaps

Many of our clients worry about bringing on the right fit when trying to fill a permanent position, which leads to an exhaustive search and leaves them vulnerable while they look to fill the spot. Having a contractor lightens a company’s struggle of completing work while they comb through applications. 

#4: Try Before You Buy

The direct hire process can be tiresome and costly at times. Rather than worry if your new employee is going to be a good fit, you can often convert a contractor to full-time staff and save yourself a huge hassle. By “trying before you buy,” you’ve essentially gotten a preview of what a worker would be like at your company without the issues that can arise if you bring someone on full-time then have to cut them loose for a wide variety of reasons.

#5 Variety

It’s often overlooked that contractors bring a wide variety of experience to your workflow. Since typically they have worked in a broad mixture of areas, they can lend a ton of valuable experiences to their employers. Many of the clients we work with enjoy having team players who wear a lot of hats. Often, they are impressed with the far-reaching experiences contractors have acquired over their careers to plug multiple gaps in their team and to help guide some of their other groups as well.

If you find yourself looking for options when completing a project, getting caught up on workloads or just needing quality talent, you should consider contractors.

Need to get paired up with the right contractor for your specific Engineering needs? Contact us today and let us know how to best help you!

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