Career Certification Programs: Are They Worth It?

   By on August 21, 2019

There are many certification programs that can increase your probability of working in a specific industry. However, they range from programs that only require you to study some information and pass a test to receive the certificate, to more in-depth programs that require years of industry experience to qualify for the certificate. 

Finding the Right Program

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Your goal with these certifications is to achieve a new skill set or recognition in an area of practice. It is important to help advance your profession as well as to help you become more confident in the work you do. When considering which certifications to achieve, think about which one will grow your performance, increase your marketability and aid in gaining personal development. 

Research Current Employees

Look for people who are currently employed in positions that you are aiming for and see what certifications they have. These are the certifications that you may want to consider pursuing to make yourself stand out in your industry. For example, if you notice a recurring certification that many people have, that might be a good one to work towards receiving.

LinkedIn Industry and Company Groups

LinkedIn industry groups are usually very detailed. By asking professionals within these groups about certifications that they would recommend, you will most likely receive a quick response. If you have a specific company in mind where you are pursuing a job at, LinkedIn company groups can also be a beneficial resource in specific tools or programs that the company you’re applying to uses. These will be listed in company groups – if not, you can always pose a question to professionals within these groups and will likely receive a response.

Professional Groups/Societies in Your Industry

Professional societies can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that can help prepare you for working in a specific industry. Many societies meet up to attend educational seminars and engage in peer-to-peer networking. Most professionals who are members of these societies have a passion for their industry and are excited to share the knowledge they have gained throughout their careers.

Searching Online

While some certificates recommend taking a class in person, most offer online training. You will discover thousands of affordable certificates under $500 with minimal work which are more trend-related and certificates that cost $1,000 or more and require hundreds of hours in coursework. Online programs are good for those who enjoy self-paced, at-home learning to expand skill sets in a competitive field.

“Hottest” Fields for Certification:

  • Information Technology
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management

Certification programs are valuable to people who are beginning their careers, as well as those who have years of experience but want to go more in-depth on their education level. Higher-level certifications are more valuable to employers in your industry and lower-level certifications are excellent stepping stones to make your way up to the more complex certifications. Now that you have many options to choose from, begin to search for programs so that you can achieve your goals. 

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