Building a Solid Foundation with SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training

   By TriMech Marketing on January 12, 2022

By quickly getting up to speed, as well as learning and utilizing best practices, SOLIDWORKS Essentials training ultimately ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for SOLIDWORKS users. Seasoned users of other CAD systems, veteran SOLIDWORKS users, as well as new CAD users, can all benefit from Essentials training.

It is quite amazing that many people consider skipping the Essentials course because they see the word “Essentials” and jump to the conclusion that it’s too basic for them. Users with no formal training, or those transitioning from different 3D solutions like Pro/E® or Autodesk Inventor®, sometimes tell us they do not want to start with a basic course (i.e. Essentials) but would rather jump directly to what they perceive as being advanced courses.

There is a reason the course is called “Essential” and not “Basic.” Consider these synonyms for the word essential:

  • Of the utmost importance
  • Indispensable
  • All-important
  • Critical
  • Imperative
  • Must-have

Seasoned CAD Users Need the Essentials

For seasoned users of different CAD packages (like Pro/E®, Creo Parametric®, Autodesk Inventor®, or Solid Edge who are in the process of transitioning to SOLIDWORKS), the course provides a jumpstart – allowing the user to feel as comfortable working with SOLIDWORKS as with their former software. While 3D modeling results from different CAD solutions may be similar, the workflows are not always the same. The nomenclature is different, the commands are different, the user interface is different and the functionality of the software is definitely different. Trying to apply the same practices from other software to SOLIDWORKS may prove frustrating and will more than likely result in a loss of productivity. Why waste essential time navigating inside a new virtual universe, when you can concentrate on design instead?

Veteran SOLIDWORKS Users Will Also Benefit From Essentials

Even veteran SOLIDWORKS users with no formal training who suspect the way they use the software is not the best will find this course to be an eye-opener! These users will discover so much more functionality they were previously not aware of; functionality that will save time and ensure achieving design intent quickly and easily. Most of the time, learning about a new tool or workflow will replace hours of tinkering with models – simply by using a few mouse clicks. However, if you are pretty confident in your current knowledge base and just want to clear out a few cobwebs, our SOLIDWORKS Essentials Refresher course may be just the option you veteran users are looking for!


For users who are new to CAD in general, there is no question of the benefits from this training. Since TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS training path is very methodical, each new course builds on the knowledge delivered in previous courses – like bricks in a wall. Most concepts are not repeated in other courses. Enrolling in courses perceived to be more advanced without empowering yourself with Essentials training foundation knowledge creates the risk of wasting both time and money. Without question, every SOLIDWORKS designer needs to build a strong foundation. That foundation is SOLIDWORKS Essentials training.

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