Bring your SOLIDWORKS Models to Life in a PowerPoint Presentation

   By Sarah Taylor on July 25, 2023

Next time you want to showcase your 3D SOLIDWORKS CAD Model in a PowerPoint presentation, don’t just take a simple screenshot of the SOLIDWORKS interface. In just three simple steps, you can bring your 3D model to life within the PowerPoint deck!

Step 1. Open your SOLIDWORKS model in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Launch Visualize, start a New Project, then go to File > Import to open your SOLIDWORKS part or assembly. For your import settings, leave the default selections and click OK.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a rendering tool which generates photo-quality images, interactive animations, and 360 degree spins to communicate the most complex design details. Visualize Standard is included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium.

Step 2. Export as .glb

Navigate to File > Export > Export Project…

From here, make sure to select .glb as the “Save As” type.

SOLIDWORKS Model in Powerpoint

Step 3. Insert the .glb 3D model

Launch PowerPoint. In the Insert tab, select 3D Model from This Device. Navigate to your .glb file and open.

SOLIDWORKS in Powerpoint

Your model is now ready to be used in PowerPoint!

SOLIDWORKS Model in Powerpoint

By clicking and dragging the 360 manipulator in the center of the model, you can create custom views from any angle. To make the model appear smaller or larger, simply drag the corners of the box surrounding it.

Additional Tips for using 3D Model in PowerPoint

One way to turn a simple slide deck into a visual masterpiece is to utilize the Morph Transition. By applying the Morph transition across the slides that contain different views of your 3D model, the model will rotate and resize through 3D when you click through the slideshow.

SOLIDWORKS Model Morph in Powerpoint

The GIF below shows the end result of using the Morph transition across 3 slides. You can see that, not only are the rotating and resizing of the model animated, but the reflections and shadows show the movement as well.


Another tip for working with 3D models in PowerPoint is to use the Standard Views (Front, Top, Right, etc) available in the 3D Model tab.

3D Model Powerpoint Solidworks

To see a live walkthrough of the tips and tricks outlined above, check out this Video Tech Tip – Bring your SOLIDWORKS Models to Life in your PowerPoint Presentation.

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Sarah Taylor

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