Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

   By on December 9, 2020

The road to landing your first job can be arduous even without the mayhem caused by COVID-19. If you find yourself struggling with finding a start to your career while in quarantine. The following may provide insight, as to how working with recruiters can help you land your initial position.

They Have the Knowledge

Recruiters have job search knowledgeRecruiters are job search experts. They know all the tricks and have just the right amount of intuition to help you make a great connection. From their own experience and from helping others, they understand that the job search process can be a hard, vulnerable place, but they have the insight and experience to make it a little better.

They Have the Connections

For the most part, recruiters are hired by companies to understand their long-term objectives. This means they aren’t just scouring the Internet for open positions that may be a good fit for you. They’re hired to save companies time and money by narrowing the choices to a few top contenders. They source, screen, and connect companies to great talent, like you!

They Have the Human Touch

A good recruiter will also understand a candidate’s career goals, background, motivations and intangible needs. They aren’t just humans looking for key words to match to a checklist. Instead they are looking past resumes and job descriptions and bring common sense, expertise and a human touch to the job search process.

Most Important: They’re On Your Side

The best part of working with a recruiter is that you both have the same goal: finding you a job with a great employer that fits your skills, culture, and background.

A good recruiter can help you:

  • Recruiters want you to succeed Keep your search confidential instead of sending your resume out into the void
  • Provide insight into where you stand compared to other candidates interviewing for a position
  • Differentiate opportunities (and give you the unposted details on a role)
  • Offer nuanced, current market insights on things like salary ranges for different roles
  • Provide you with honest feedback on your expectations
  • Review resumes, prep for interviews and offer salary and benefits negotiation advice
  • Tap into a huge network of employers
  • Give ongoing job advice and support – many recruiters have worked with the same candidates for years and have them in mind when the perfect opportunity opens up

And, if you meet with a recruiter and they tell you they aren’t the best resource for what you’re looking for right now, they’ll also give you feedback! They can give you tips on your presentation and resume, assist you in strategizing your job search process and give you an unbiased view of the market, just for taking the time to chat with them.

Still not convinced? Download our infographic to discover how TriMech Staffing can help you find your perfect job match. 

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