Benefits of TriMech’s Toolsets for SOLIDWORKS PDM Part 2

Have you ever been working in SOLIDWORKS and have really wanted the ability to do something, but can’t figure out how? We have! Rather than limit our designs we created an add-on software toolset for PDM Processional.

About This On-Demand Webinar

In part two of our two-part webinar series, TriMech Application Engineer, Keith Vittitoe, takes you through the software tool TriMech created for PDM Professional. He will teach you about five of the unique ability the software toolset allows. This includes the Auto Logoff Tool, BOM Import Utility, ECx Tool, Move Tool and Reference Tool. 

He teaches you how the TriMech software tools can:

  • Offer a timeout based on local disk activity
  • Enhance PDM Professional for a process like an engineering change 
  • Move a document during a transition 
  • Search for a missing reference

Plus, TriMech employs a programming staff to offer custom software tools for PDM! 

Interested in learning more about SOLIDWORKS PDM and all it can accomplish? Sign up for one of our training classes and watch your skills soar!

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