Avoidable But Common Mistakes Made In An Interview

   By on May 9, 2018

So, you did it. You posted your resume online and a hiring manager or recruiter took notice. The initial phone call went well and now an official interview with the company is on the books. You want this job and begin racking your brain for all the interview advice you have heard throughout the years. Most would say dress for the job you want, always maintain a positive attitude and smile frequently. All great pieces of advice to be sure. However, during my time as a recruiter I have seen candidates make seemingly obvious mistakes during interviews that are entirely avoidable.

Know Your Resume

It may seem obvious to learn what is on your resume, however, it is a crucial step. Far too often candidates will walk into an interview unprepared to speak to all their previous experience in detail. This can be difficult when one has worked for more than a decade, holding different titles and responsibilities throughout that period. Take time to review the details on the piece of paper which represents your career. Think of possible tie-ins from your previous jobs that may be applicable to the next. Again, this can be difficult to recall everything in a lengthy career. Bring a couple of copies so that you and the interviewer can reference it. Also, you should take time to review any job description provided for the position you are interviewing for. Use that information to speak to relevant work experience or job duties you have previously done.

Be Confident In Your History

You may be worried that your employment at previous a job will appear too short. It’s not uncommon for a person to have a short stint at a job. This can happen for several reasons. Maybe the company missed a contract and pushed for a workforce reduction or perhaps the company relocated during a consolidation of resources. In some cases, an engineer may have preferred to work on a contract basis due to the ability to work on a plethora of different projects, but has now decided to find that ideal permanent position to be closer to home. Whatever the reason, you should expect a hiring manager to ask. Honesty, of course, is the best policy here.

Do Your Homework

Before you sit down for that official interview, you should always try to learn as much as possible about the employer. Studying the company website and researching news articles are some ways to gain better insight into the company. References like Glassdoor and Great Place to Work are excellent platforms for providing in-depth information on companies, especially in these prospecting scenarios. Some things to consider would be the types of products they make and the industry as a whole. Learn where the industry is headed in the future and where you think you fit into that equation.  

The Takeaway

Consider these three tips when preparing for your next upcoming interview:

  • Know your resume and work experience like the back of your hand.
  • Be prepared to speak to any gaps or short stays in your work history.
  • Get to know the company you are interviewing with.

Learn from experience, take my advice and be prepared to show that you are there for that particular job and not just any open position. With these takeaways you can nail the interview and hopefully find yourself working for the company of your dreams.

If you want more interview advice or are looking for a job yourself, contact us at TriMech Staffing. See how we may be able to help you get that interview on the books or more throughout the job search process!

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