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   By Devin Martin on March 28, 2022

The DriveWorks Pro product suite contains more features and customizability of any of the DriveWorks products. With DriveWorks Pro you can create a fully integrated CPQ solution directly on your website while automating sales quotes, customer emails and manufacturing documents.


It’s no secret that DriveWorks is the leading tool for SOLIDWORKS automation. Winning several partner awards from SOLIDWORKS, and maintaining the coveted gold partner status, DriveWorks has achieved the highest level of SOLIDWORKS product integration. Use DriveWorks to easily automate your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings.


DriveWorks automation is rule-based. This means if you have any engineering rules, DriveWorks can store those rules and ensure the CAD generation is always accurate. No complex programming, macros or design tables required.

Use DriveWorks to not only automate the CAD geometry, but also automate the SOLIDWORKS custom properties and part numbers. Using the DriveWorks rules engine, you can automate any part numbering scheme to automatically name, number and store your parts. Using SOLIDWORKS PDM? Not a problem at all. DriveWorks integrates seamlessly into PDM as well. This allows you to pull new PDM part numbers, communicate with Data cards and even automatically check files into the vault on completion.

Document Automation

Automating documents can be extremely beneficial for quick turnaround time on quotes and other communications. DriveWorks Pro can create and automate an endless number of documents in a variety of formats. DriveWorks even integrates seamlessly to automate your current Microsoft Word or Excel documents. Once DriveWorks creates a new document you decide what additional file formats are created and can then automatically email the documents to your sales team, engineering or customer automatically.

Use DriveWorks to drive sales quotes and automatically email customers when the order status changes. Need paperwork filled out after every customer order? Automate the process by allowing DriveWorks to do it. From traveler documents with bar codes to highly accurate BOMs, DriveWorks can automate it all!

document automation

Supporting Systems Integration and Automation

Use DriveWorks to integrate with your existing company systems. DriveWorks can read and write data from any database with an ODBC driver as well as reading data natively from Microsoft SQL Server. DriveWorks can also send and receive data using web services and has a fully documented API.

systems integration

Integrate DriveWorks with your CRM system to store and recall customer data. Use the ERP integration to retrieve live information from logistics partners and update your ERP system. You can even send specifications directly to DriveWorks for automatic processing of sales and manufacturing data with no custom code required. DriveWorks can be used as a central hub to connect your ERP, MRP, CRM, PDM or other systems together for seamless communication.

DriveWorks flexible data import and export capabilities make it the perfect solution for 3rd party integration and Automation.

Website Integration

While DriveWorks is known for its best-in-class SOLIDWORKS automation, that’s only scratching the surface of its true capabilities. DriveWorks CPQ allows you to seamlessly integrate your user forms directly onto your website with direct embed technology. This full CPQ solution provides unparalleled website integration capabilities extending configuration and automation throughout the whole business from the start of your sales process, all the way through to manufacturing.

website integration
CPQ solutions enhance customer understanding and shorten sales cycles by communicating design details with interactive 3D visualizations and DriveWorks is no exception. Dealers, distributors and internal sales teams can use DriveWorks to configure the ideal solution every time with intelligent rules-based guided selling and validation, eliminating errors and expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Use the link below to learn more about DriveWorks Pro in our on-demand webinar. 


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