Astrobotic Shoots For The Moon With SOLIDWORKS [VIDEO]

   By TriMech Marketing on December 1, 2015

astro-imageThe U.S., Soviet Union and China are the only nations to land on the moon. But soon, anyone will be able to make their mark on its surface.

Astrobotic is a “lunar logistics” company that wants to send your stuff to the moon. Believe it or not, affordable missions to the moon are underway with the development of Astrobotic’s Griffin Lander, the world’s first privately owned spacecraft.

Astrobotic’s goal is to host individual sponsors who want to access space for scientific data collection or individuals who want to be part of a time capsule delivery project called MoonMailTM.

To successfully achieve this mission, Astrobotic turned to SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

“We use SOLIDWORKS to design every mechanical component that we have,” Kevin Peterson, CTO of Astrobotic, said.

Simulations are used to test designs for the extreme pressures and heat of launch, for the harsh, unpredictable conditions in space and for the strenuous journey home. With SOLIDWORKS, Astrobotic can simulate and calculate the complex formulas required to ensure a successful outer space experience.

“SOLIDWORKS allows us to import the geometry and inspect how the payloads interact with one another and how it affects the mass properties of the vehicle,” Robert GiglioAstrobotic Mechanical Engineer, said.

Curious to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS plays a role in this breakthrough project? Click below to watch the video.

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