An Insider’s View at Successful Rapid Prototyping

Learn our secrets to successful rapid prototyping! In this webinar our pros reveal best practices to improve your workflow and outsourcing options for your one-off prints and overflow projects.

About This On-Demand Webinar

Strong rapid prototyping could mean the difference between faster time to market or heading back to the drawing board. Watch this thirty minute video to learn why technology knowledge, application awareness, access to equipment or materials and designing for additive manufacturing are key to successful rapid prototyping.

TriMech Application Engineer, Tommy DuPuy, shares how your team can improve your current rapid prototyping workflow to increase ROI. He covers topics such as: 

  • Adjusting processes according to application 
  • Accommodating specific part requirements (such as materials) 
  • Optimizing and customizing workflows 
  • Exploring alternative means for in-house rapid prototyping

As a bonus, Kevin Billett, our RP Services Representative, dives into new TriMech technologies and services we offer including 3D printing, 3D scanning, machining and tooling. He outlines our selection of additive manufacturing capabilities and explains best uses for one-off print jobs and overflow projects.

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