What are the Advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE?

   By Madison Bulla on September 20, 2022

Choosing a platform to use for your company has always been a challenge with so many options out there. 3DEXPERIENCE from Dassault Systems provides a simple, cloud-based platform that has every feature needed to be successfully in your career! With the ability to use multiple DS software on one database, the engineering field just became a lot simpler. So what are the advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE?


Cloud Based

  • Platform allows for organization and collaboration across different computers and employees
  • Choice between Private and Public Cloud options

Easy Access

  • Fairly simple user interface that doesn’t require an IT service
  • Navigational access to Dassault Systems applications
  • Easy search tool to filter through information on your platform

Team Collaboration

  • Ability to share files with coworkers and view work history
  • Social Communities within 3DExperience

Built-In Apps

  • Variety of applications available to use for all types of projects
  • App usage based on your roles within the platform
  • Most Popular:
    • XShape, XDesign, XMold

Usable with SOLIDWORKS and Other Technologies

  • CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, SIMULIA, DELMIA, and ENOVIA are all included on the platform


  • Organize files, apps, and workstations to your liking
  • Able to add dashboards at the click of a button


  • Administration allows the assigning of roles to employees
  • Each role assigned to you is shown on your account, along with available apps to use

Real Time

  • Each action performed is in real-time, so you can view current changes or projects being worked on, as well as immediate connection with coworkers.

Options to Choose 3DEXPERIENCE

Advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE Wrap-Up

These are just a few advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE to help your business and its community become more successful and efficient. As you start to learn more about the platform, you’ll soon come to realize that 3DEXPERIENCE is the best choice for you!

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Madison Bulla

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