Activate to Automate with DriveWorksXpress

Do you need to quickly build new versions of your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings? Learn how you can start automating repetitive tasks in just a short amount of time using DriveWorksXpress.

About This On-Demand Webinar

TriMech System Architect, Devin Martin, covers how to get started with SOLIDWORKS automation without complex macros, design tables or configurations. This is the first in a series of three webinars focused on getting to know the different DriveWorks products. See how you can save time, eliminate errors, and gain more time to focus on product development with DriveWorksXpress, which is included for free in every seat of SOLIDWORKS.

In this webinar, Devin covers:

  • What is DriveWorksXpress
  • How to Activate DriveWorksXpress for free
  • What can you do with DriveWorksXpress
  • The DriveWorksXpress interface
  • How to get started with DriveWorksXpress tutorials
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