Accessing the Dedicated Search Tool in SOLIDWORKS PDM from the Desktop

   By on May 17, 2017

Have you ever wondered if you can save the search tool to your desktop so that every time you want to access the dedicated search tool you don’t have to go into PDM first? Well, look no further; this document will describe the steps you can take to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM search tool as a shortcut from your desktop so that you can run searches quickly and effectively through your PDM vault. 

This functionality is only available in PDM Professional as PDM Standard only allows for the integrated complete search tool. The main difference between these two search tools is that the integrated seach tool cannot search in multiple vaults simulataneously and cannot save results like the dedicated search tool can. However, despite these differences, both versions of PDM can save search criteria as favorites. 

Standard Method of accessing the PDM Search Tool: 

1. Login into the vault view from Windows Explorer 

2. Click on the Arrow key highlighted in Yellow 

3. Click on Search Tool 


4. This opens the Search Tool engine in a separate window 

5. Expand your Vault on the left side and you will Favorites & Searches

solidworks pdm search tool

6. Click on the Complete Search and now you have the tool accessible to you 

Accessing the Search Tool in SW PDM Img 3.png

Accessing the PDM Search Tool from the desktop without going into the vault view first 

1. Navigate to the Installation Location of SW PDM. Default location: C:Program FilesSOLIDWORKS CorpSOLIDWORKS PDM 

2. Scroll down in the list and find Search.exe. This is same Search Tool that is used within the vault view. 

Accessing the Search Tool in SOLIDWORKS PDM from Desktop

3. Right-click the Search.exe go to Send to > Desktop (create Shortcut). This will create a shortcut on the desktop that you can run the Search Tool from instead of having to go to the installation location every time or going into the vault view to run the tool from there. 

NOTE: If you have not logged into the vault when you run the Search Tool Shortcut, it will prompt you to login and enter credentials and it will check to see if you have required permissions.

You must have the appropriate user/group permissions set in the administration tool to perform these searches.

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