Accessing Built-In, Free SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

   By Sarah Taylor on July 11, 2023

As a TriMech Solutions Consultant, I interact with SOLIDWORKS users almost daily. Every so often, I recommend the Tutorials, and I am surprised to find that many SOLIDWORKS users do not know their installation comes with free, built-in tutorials. Whether you are a brand new SOLIDWORKS user just learning the basics, or a certified professional looking to brush up on more advanced techniques, you will probably find value in reviewing the Tutorials in SOLIDWORKS.

How to Access SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

Launch SOLIDWORKS. In the upper right corner of the screen, click the question mark (?) symbol, and select Tutorials.


This will open a separate window with different sections and topics to explore including Getting Started, Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques, Design Evaluation, and more. You can read the Tutorial instructions on the right as you work in SOLIDWORKS on the left, or move the windows to separate monitors.

Getting started with tutorials

As you explore different sections, you will see a brief description of the topic as well as an estimated time to complete the walkthrough.

SOLIDWORKS tutorial library

How to Use SOLIDWORKS Tutorials

Some Tutorials will have a step-by-step walkthrough of creating a file from the start, like the example shown below. After completing the steps on the screen, be sure to click “Next Topic” in the lower right corner to move onto the next set of steps.

step by step walkthrough

Other topics, however, will start from an existing file, like the one shown below. These existing files are loaded onto your computer during SOLIDWORKS installation and are usually found in C:\Users\Public\Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS [version]\samples\tutorial.

existing files

Extra Sample Files

As mentioned above, sample files are loaded onto your computer during SOLIDWORKS Installation. You can browse through these files at any time, and there is shortcut within SOLIDWORKS for accessing them. In SOLIDWORKS, click the Home icon on the top bar of the screen to launch the “Welcome – SOLIDWORKS” window. In this window, click the Learn tab. Select “On my PC” – this will open directly to the folder that contains sample and tutorial models.

extra sample files

The “learn” folder has some great sample Parts and Assemblies to check out!

SOLIDWORKS learn folder

The sample files, like the one shown below, include Comments on every feature, describing the steps taken to build the model from start to finish. Reviewing these premade files is a great way to get familiar with modeling techniques in SOLIDWORKS.

premade files for techniques

Additional Tutorials

For other products like Simulation and CAM, tutorials can also be found in the question mark (?) menu by clicking on the specific tool’s menu as shown below.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorial

SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation Tutorials



Note: To access these additional tutorials, the individual Add-ins must be turned on in Tools > Add-ins.

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Sarah Taylor

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