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   By on March 2, 2015

screens_2SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Web2 is a new web client that can be used on virtually any device, including smart phones and tablets. It’s also browser independent and requires no client installation. SOLIDWORKS EPDM Web2 provides SOLIDWORKS EPDM customers the ability to access and manipulate their data as long as they have internet access.

Key Features

Enterprise PDM Web2 is a good fit for the commuter lifestyle. This program caters to users who are not connected to their office network at all times by offering both desktop and mobile features.

The Web2 client offers a wide variety of capabilities, including:

  1. Searching: With the updated searching capability, free search allows users to look for strings in file names, variables and configurations. 
  2. Viewing: The viewing feature grants users full viewing capabilities for hundreds of file types and offers an eDrawings preview of files when accessing via internet browsers.
  3. Workflow: Workflow allows users to see current state and transition to state.
  4. File Operations: This feature allows users to check out, undo checkout, download and upload to add new files or create new versions.home_page

When accessing the full version, the login screen offers several features to maximize ease of use. The Remember Me feature saves vault and username information. This portal also grants users easy access to a variety of vaults and the option to indicate their license type, either Viewer or Contributor.

The folder list UI also offers a variety of unique features. Users can easily select multiple files using the check boxes adjacent to the selection options. To customize the option to view the information in either list or title view is available. Additionally, the column set defined in the EPDM admin tool can be utilized to further organize columns to match the users’ preference.screens

The file detail view displays a preview of the document to ensure you are opening the correct file. Additionally, the file detail view grants access to data card variable data and allows the user to collapse the contains.

EPDM On-The-Go


To emphasize versatility and provide the highest customer experience, EPDM Web2 offers a mobile version of the software. On this condensed version, users can browse folders, view file information and thumbnails, search files and change state. To maximize accessbility, an iOS Home Screen Icon can be utilized.

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