A Sense of Urgency in the Hiring Process

   By on May 23, 2018

With the current unemployment rate sitting at the lowest it has been in the new millennium, it is important to notice that we have what many would call a “Candidates Market.” This term means that jobs are plentiful and individuals looking for work have more options, and offers, than in the last 17 years, making it difficult for companies to fill their needs. The average American would rejoice as this seems to be something that we as a capitalist nation, have been chasing for quite some time after the market crashed in 2008. But on the other side of that is the employer trying to fill open positions. This is a phenomenon that has been expressed by many of my clients in the engineering field, where a shortage of engineers is always prevalent regardless of unemployment rates. TriMech Staffing sees one solution that could remedy your competition with other companies when offering a candidate a position. We see that remedy as having a sense of urgency.

The Timeline

To explain, I usually tell my clients that at a minimum, the very minimum, we see the time frame for close in a job and having a candidate in the door is a 6-week process. The first week we take to compile three or so candidates for submission, the next two weeks will be for interviewing, starting with the phone screen and moving to one face-to-face meetings between the client and individual candidate. The next week will be for decision making and if the candidate is employed, which most good candidates are, they will need to provide a two-week notice before starting. Again, this is best case scenario and in staffing, rarely do we see a best case as we are working with people who have their own agendas, have multiple irons in the fire and want to take their time to compile and compare offers. This is fine and fair, but one thing candidates appreciate is urgency. 

The Business

There is nothing worse in the staffing industry than having to wait on client feedback for a candidate. The reason why staffing vendors view this as a great pain, other than seeing a waste in expended resources if there is never any feedback, is because we are a direct representation and communication for the candidate. Recruiting is a relationship building business. In that relationship, we share emotions when a job lags, frustrations with unanswered questions and unreasonable expectations for moving forward. Candidates value feedback within 48 hours of submission, phone screen and on-site interview as a key piece in their decision making. On multiple occasions that we have seen two offers come in for a candidate that were equal, between rate, benefits, hours, etc., the candidate feels more of a connection with the client who moves quickest. The quicker we are able to provide feedback between a client and candidate during the process, the better. This doesn’t cost a client anything other than time. What is more valuable, attending to a viable candidate to make sure you secure that resource or going without said resource for another 2 or so months?

The Importance

In the end, this urgency does two things. The first, it keeps the iron hotter and therefore a candidate feels important and has a sense of indispensability. The second, if a company moves quickly then it seems fair that they can request a candidate make their decision within 48 hours of an offer, a key tactic as to rule out offers coming in down the road from competitors.

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