A Day in the Life of An Engineer With and Without PDM

How can you be sure you’re using your SOLIDWORKS data efficiently? SOLIDWORKS PDM can help you stay on top of your data and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. It can be overwhelming at the vast number of files you can have on your hard drive, in addition to any you have on a shared network. Instead of wasting time searching for things, SolidWorks PDM can make that data do the work for you.

About This Webinar

In this webinar, TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Andrew Head, covers the difference between using Windows Explorer and SOLIDWORKS PDM to perform everyday engineering tasks. He goes over every step in the process from design to approvals and how much more difficult things are without SOLIDWORKS PDM. Andrew shows you how PDM can provide your team secure file storage, easier collaboration, mobile access and revision history, for every project.

In this webinar Andrew covers:

  • Starting a project with and without PDM
  • The design process with and without PDM
  • The approval process with and without PDM
  • Searching for data with and without PDM
  • Reflecting updates of data with and without PDM

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