6 Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

   By TriMech Marketing on April 11, 2018

A common question for incoming employees involves a company’s turnover rate. High turnover can come from multiple causes and can have a negative impact on a business. Trying to find qualified people to build a company up can be difficult, but with these 6 tips you can avoid mistakes and mitigate the risk of high turnover with your new hires. 

1. Not Knowing What You Want

You are looking for the ideal candidate, but what is considered “ideal” will vary with the position you are hiring for. Know exactly what you want out of a candidate based on the skills they will need to excel. Consider traits of employees that may have surpasses expectations in that particular role in the past. Once you know exactly what you want, seeking those to interview will be easier. 

2. Not Checking References 

From small changes in dates to larger implications, fabrications on a resume can be a serious threat to employers. As we mentioned above, you know exactly the type of person you want to hire but if they appear to be a completely different person in the interview when compared to their resume it can turn into an issue down the road. Avoid this by checking the references on their resume. Not only will it put you at ease, but it will allow you to get to know your potential hire much better from someone who has previously worked with them.

3. Not Remembering the Importance of Soft Skills

Remember those soft skills we talked about a few weeks ago? We weren’t kidding when we said they were the number one thing recruiters are and should be looking at in 2018. Avoid hiring someone that seems perfect because they have all the right experience. By looking for someone with a balance of those hard and soft skills it will be easier to find someone who will fit into your company for the long run, not to simply fill a position short-term. 

4. Not Accommodating to Your Current Company Culture

Culture is crucial, and every company has one. It is essential as a hiring manager, that you are aware of what that embodies. This allows you to explain the culture to a potential hire and assess if they will fit into it or not. Make sure this topic comes up during the interview, mentioning the people, the environment and most importantly, the company’s mission. In the end, an interviewee wants a company they feel comfortable at, making it important that this knowledge is said up front or seen throughout the interview process. 

5. Not Taking Your Time

Yes, there are deadlines and when you have an open position it is essential your company doesn’t suffer being short-staffed. While it may be tempting to hire the first person available, it is important to make sure they are the right candidate not just the most convenient candidate. We want to avoid making hasty decisions, which can lead to high turnover and more open positions. Set a timeline to stick to it but focus on what’s important: the right person.

6. Not Expanding Your Search

Again, it can be tempting to fill a position as quickly as possible but this won’t benefit your company in the long run. Be patient, but be openminded. You don’t know who is going to come along and what they could bring to your company. In order to be openminded, you have to expand your search. Make sure your job posting is visible to a wide audience. Use multiple job boards, ask for job referrals or other unconventional methods. To be even more effective, consider using a staffing agency.  

Save yourself time and avoid these mistakes by following our tips or even using TriMech Staffing. Learn how we will benefit your company in the following infographic!

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