5 Ways SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing Can Benefit You

   By Tricia Klebe on October 3, 2016

Are you an entrepreneur, small business or maker who is interested in SOLIDWORKS best-in-class design solutions but can’t commit to perpetual (aka forever) licensing? With the new SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing, you and your business now have the opportunity to explore advanced SOLIDWORKS software solutions on your terms. Read five ways more licensing options will benefit you:

1. Variety of Term Lengths

SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing allows clients to purchase seats for predefined or renewable periods of time: a three month term and a one year term. Having two flexible term lengths will be greatly beneficial for companies and individuals with temporary or exploratory needs.

For example, a shorter license may be preferred for interns or contract employees that hold a temporary position or for consultants with projects that last a definitive period. Plus, you can upgrade term lengths at any point in your license.


Example scenrio: Company with one perpetual seat of SOLIDWORKS and two term licenses of varying lengths

2. Lower Upfront Cost

Another reason startups or small companies hesitate buying a traditional perpetual seat is the lack of financial resources. Term licenses are more budget-friendly with substantially lower costs upfront, allowing more companies the chance to work with SOLIDWORKS’ leading 3D CAD software.

In addition to low upfront cost, SOLIDWORKS term licensing also provides easier, more predictable budgeting compared to traditional perpetual licensing model. Since softwares vary in price, businesses can perform a cost-benefit analysis to see which SOLIDWORKS products need to budgeted long-term versus which products can be purchased periodically.

3. Extensive Product Options

Perhaps one of the greatest ways that SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing can benefit you is the ability to mix and match products. In order for businesses to come up with the best design solutions for them, SOLIDWORKS permits a combination of three month terms, one year terms and perpetual licenses that can start at any time.

The extensive product options let clients remain agile and adjust to their needs as demanded. And of course, SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing also allows clients to upgrade at any point in time.


Example scenrio: Company upgrades a SOLIDWORKS Standard term license after three months to a SOLIDWORKS Professional seat

4) Flexible and Scalable Solution

As leaders in the engineering resources industry, we know the need for flexible and scalable solutions. SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing accommodates fluctuating workloads and workforces, allowing companies to better prioritize product needs with project schedules.

5) Support and Subscription Benefits

SOLIDWORKS Subscription is rolled into the term license seats. Term license users will receive same support and subscription benefits as perpetual users. This means that during a short-term license, you can still access the latest upgrades and enhancements, expert technical support, free certification exams, customer resources, MySolidWorks and SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS term license pricing? Request a free SOLIDWORKS quote today.

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Tricia Klebe

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