5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Hiring Services

   By Angie Droz on August 11, 2021

Finding top-tier candidates for an open position can be difficult, especially if it is a technical job. From the time it takes to monitor and qualify submissions, to the expense that can be incurred from a bad hire, there are quite a few great reasons for employers to use an engineering staffing firm to streamline their hiring process. We will help you understand what a specialist agency can do for you with 5 reasons why it is important to use a service dedicated to finding quality candidates.

1. Access to Quality Talent

Quality TalentOften you will find that the quality technical candidates are not actively seeking new positions. Specialist recruiters are immersed in the marketplace and have a pool of qualified talent that they market positions to directly. They know exactly what the company is looking for and who will be the right fit. This is especially important in specialized fields such as engineering. A good recruiter will coach you on what skillset you should be looking for, the availability of qualified candidates and the cost of hiring. It’s their job to know the ins and outs of the industry.

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2. Time Savings

Time SavingsNot only do recruiters have access to the best technical talent, they are also honed into the exact needs of the client. Leveraging the recruiter’s networks paired with knowledge of these needs significantly reduces the pool of candidates to only those who are qualified, which is a serious time-saver. Reviewing candidates can be labor-intensive, and keeping a job opening too long to weed through them all is time-consuming. 

3. Cost Savings

Cost SavingsCost savings follow up time savings, as the old adage says, “Time is money.” By using an engineering staffing service, the employer stands to gain valuable time in their day, as well as that of their team. The longer a job opening stays open, the more it costs the company. Often demonstrated in the burnout experienced by team members taking up the slack until the position is filled. And we must repeat, technical recruiters know their stuff. The time they spend finding an excellent match can save the employer the costly mistake of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit.

4. Try Before You Buy

Temp to HireWe have all experienced the need to return a product that didn’t fit our needs. It’s a pretty simple process. But you can’t really do that with a direct-hire employee. With a staffing agency, you have the opportunity to work with that person temporarily to see if their skill set meets your needs and if their performance is up to par. Because you are setting yourself and your employee up for success with a trial period, you can experience tremendous savings related to turnover and training costs.

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5. Expertise

ExpertiseIs hiring one of your company’s core competencies? If not, outsourcing to a staffing agency, especially an industry-specialized agency, will allow you to spend time focusing on the things that are. If you’re an engineering firm, chances are that management’s time is best spent working on projects. Instead of wasting focus and energy on the time-consuming hiring process, leave it to professionals.

Staffing agencies perform recruitment and selection processes for companies that don’t have the extra time, expertise or resources needed to manage the employment processes. Staffing agencies can provide temporary workers, as well as candidates for temp-to-hire arrangements. Regardless of the employment type, every industry can benefit from the use of staffing agencies, but particularly specialized industries. Gaining access to top technical talent, saving time and reducing costs are some of the main reasons why companies should use hiring services.

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Angie Droz

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