5 Best SOLIDWORKS Tricks You Wish You Knew

   By TriMech Marketing on January 21, 2019

This time of year is known for award shows, so we thought we’d jump into the mix and award the best TriMech Video Tech Tips for 2018. We had 52 amazing nominees, consisting of every Video Tech Tip we sent out in 2018. It’s a competitive field since these are published every week and each one was surely honored to be selected, produced and distributed for everyone to learn from. Voting was done by our TriMech Application Engineers with the criteria focused around which videos had the biggest impact on users. After we tallied all the votes we had our final top five Video Tech Tips!

The Winners Are:

Fifth Place: Understanding the Delete Face Command in SOLIDWORKS

The Delete Face command is probably the foundation of surface modeling tools, and when you discover its uses you can quickly see that surface modeling is not just for designers that need to make curvy, organic models. If you have troublesome geometry or imported parts that you must deal with, start with this tip to unlock powerful functionality.

Fourth Place: Topology Optimization in SOLIDWORKS

Beginning in SOLIDWORKS 2018 with Simulation Professional, you can optimize your design in a whole new way. Rather than iterating on dimensions of a shape you’ve already chosen, topology optimization considers the function and generates the most efficient shape possible. It’s the next stage of engineering where design is further merged with analysis.

Third Place: 5 Ways to Save 5 Minutes with the Control Key in SOLIDWORKS

Sometimes the most impactful tips seem small but reap big dividends. When it comes down to it we’re always looking for more time, and effectively using the Control Key will shave moments off every day repeated tasks. What you do with that time is up to you. The TriMech Application Engineers believe it can be used to make your designs better and get more products shipped out the door.

Second Place: 5 Ways to Save Time By Reusing Sketches

It’s like the saying of “No need to reinvent the wheel.” There are smart ways to draw something once and then use it repeatedly. This tip explores 5 of the best methods you should use with the building block of just about every design: sketches. Similar to the previous tip, it’s really like 5 tips in one.

First Place: Creating Multiple Configurations Using Design Tables in SOLIDWORKS

Our Application Engineers chose this as the best tip for 2018 with good reason. The variations you can create with configurations are vast and rapid when you put design tables to work. It’s also the best way to maintain design intent and quickly go back to make changes and ensure all variations update properly. This one’s not only going to save you time, but it will help avoid missed updates.

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