5 Best Features of SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual

   By TriMech Marketing on May 21, 2014

Ever sketched a concept by hand only to lose it in a mountain of papers? Felt your creativity being squashed worrying about structural details? Spent days on an idea that just couldn’t hold up in the real world?

Nearly one-third of project time is spent on conceptual mechanical design. It can be a huge source of frustration without the right tools. SOLIDWORKS introduced Mechanical Conceptual last year to support this important conceptual phase.

Because Mechanical Conceptual does so much, it’s difficult to narrow down the top features. Check out our list and see if you agree:

SolidWorks-Mechanical-Conceptual-Single-Modeling-Environment1. Digital Rendering Of Your Concepts
Hand drawing your ideas might be fast and easy, but it’s not very intuitive. Mechanical Conceptual lets you capture them in 3D. Its predicative computing capabilities provides feedback as you go so you can move forward with the best possible design. Should you decide to abandon an idea, SOLIDWORKS saves your work to come back to down the road.

2. Stripped-Down User Interface
Mechanical Conceptual uses a streamlined SOLIDWORKS interface so you can focus on your ideas, not your CAD tool. It uses simple tools you’re already familiar with, allowing you to flesh out your concepts much faster than before.

SWMC_Connected_Concurrent3. Concurrent Co-Design
Instead of working from different design iterations, Mechanical Conceptual ensures your team is working from the same version. SOLIDWORKS updates any changed components immediately so you know you have the most up-to-date design.

4. Cloud-Based Collaboration
Great ideas can come to mind at any time. You can capture it right away with “anywhere, anytime” access from your computer or tablet. In case of a computer crash, your conceptual data is always backed up and accessible.

SWMC_Connected_Chat5. Social Connectivity
Whether your colleagues are in a different time zone or another country entirely, Mechanical Conceptual makes collaboration easy. You can chat with your team to get design feedback, show product images or share markups. You can also participate in community discussions for feedback from the SOLIDWORKS community.

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