4 Benefits of Working With Staffing Services

   By Angie Droz on January 24, 2018

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect job or the perfect candidate to fill a role at your company, having a staffing partner as a middleman can be helpful to all parties. Before you exert all of your energy and resources trying to find a job arrangement, consider these four benefits of working with staffing services:

1. Time

The hiring process can be lengthy and time consuming for both companies and applicants. One of the many advantages to working with staffing services is saving time and increasing efficiency.

Time is of the essence when you have a position to fill at your company. That’s the perk of staffing services — they take responsibility for finding, filtering and nurturing qualified applicants without taking time away from a business owner’s existing obligations. Adding a middleman to the chaos of applications, interviews, pre-employment testing and background checks, can spare companies the unnecessary workload while providing them with the needed workforce.

Likewise, staffing services can also save candidates’ time during their job search because they’re constantly in the know about current openings. Instead of aimlessly looking through job listings for a position that may or may not be a good fit recruiters provide a personalized career match.

2. Expertise

Staffing partners like TriMech Staffing also have years of experience finding quality cultural and technical fits for a variety of companies. Staffing specialists have extensive knowledge of different industries and job requirements, making them skilled at communicating both the employer’s and candidate’s expectations. Having worked with both sides, recruiters have additional insight to help facilitate placement.

Plus, recruiters are trained to acquire talented and qualified employees to ensure the most effective staffing solutions for your industry. By taking the appropriate steps to align work goals, performance and character, there is greater employer/employee satisfaction and therefore better retention. With help pairing a candidate’s industry experience and work culture with a company’s needs, it increases the chances that both parties will experience a happy and healthy relationship.

3. Resources

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working with staffing services is sharing resources. Seasoned recruiting professionals often have a much larger professional network than the average in-house hiring department or job seeker. In fact, Business Insider notes that referrals from staffing agencies increase chances of getting your foot in the door. This being said, working with staffing services can greatly increase your connections.

Having these additional relationships also gives staffing specialists an upper hand when hiring because they have had the opportunity to learn different employee’s and company’s performance levels, work habits and morale. The more insight one has, the more accurate and effective they can fill temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire positions.

4. Cost

It is a common misconception that staffing services have expensive fees. However, working with staffing services can actually be more cost-effective than searching for jobs or applicants on your own. Businesses benefit because they can quickly hire employees who have proven performance and qualifications. This helps companies hire without decreasing production time, and as a result, it lowers long-term costs.

Overall, staffing services can offer more placement opportunities and staffing solutions than searching for employees or jobs on your own. See how TriMech Staffing can fill a range of vacant positions in the engineering industry.

If you are looking to see what we are all about, we invite you to download our TriMech Staffing Infographic for more information.

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Angie Droz

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