3DEXPERIENCE World 2021: Event Recap

   By TriMech Marketing on February 12, 2021


Welcome to our consolidated review of 3DEXPERIENCE World 2021!

SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systèmes have brought the conference directly to you through this year’s digital format. With a record setting attendance of over 30,000 attendees, the online format did little to hinder participants, creators and designers from learning and connecting with each other. With numerous General Sessions, Breakout Sessions and networking Meet-Ups, there was always something to keep you busy throughout the three main days of the conference. Have a look at these conference highlights to see what you missed!

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Right away we knew that this year was going to be different as we were greeted by this cheerful face upon the start of the event. Honestly, I think she did a great job setting the tone of the event as well as walking everyone through the new format and some of the improvements that came with using a virtual event medium. 

Despite what you may think, the ability to network at the conference was not lost with this year’s digital format. Numerous Meet-Up sessions were held that addressed specific elements of the design and engineering industry. Attendees were able to connect with one another in a live format, share ideas and learn from each other. These targeted Meet-Ups included sessions for entrepreneurs, makers, production engineers, designers/engineers and CAD managers. There was something for everyone and the opportunity to learn from one another was invaluable.

Highlights from Day 1

General Session: From Things to Life

With the largest conference attendance ever, Dassault Systèmes CEO, Bernard Charlès, and SOLIDWORKS CEO, Gian Paolo Bassi, kicked off the first general session focusing on the digital solutions to provide the ‘future experience of everything’. Gian Paolo Bassi elaborated on this by discussing the new 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Roles that greatly expand the browser-based modeling tools. These new roles include:

  • 3D Sheet Metal Creator
  • 3D Mold Creator
  • 3D Structure Creator (Weldments)
  • Product Document Creator (MBD)
  • Product Communicator (Marketing Material)

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Customer Story: IKEA Communications

Product Communication experts from IKEA revealed their processes of using SOLIDWORKS Composer for creating their iconic assembly instructions at such high volumes while maintaining their creativity and quality. This IKEA team is responsible for producing more than 30,000 product pictures and films per year, not including over 3,500 assembly instruction documents that they are also responsible for.

Keynote: Duncan Wardle

Duncan is the former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney and focused his presentation on the barriers to innovation and what is needed to overcome them. He started with an explanation of the common barriers that companies face in the development process. Barriers such as not having enough time to think or having too narrow of a focus on meeting financial goals rather than catering to consumer demand can limit or halt the creative process.

You can see the highlight reel SOLIDWORKS put together for the day’s events below:


Highlights from Day 2

General Session: From Products to Experience

The second day of the conference started as a ‘choose your own adventure’ style meeting holding two concurrent general sessions for a deep dive into a topic. Four domain sessions were held to provide a deeper dive into the product area that interested attendees the most. The four domain sessions included the topics of:

  • Simulation: Product Excellence Through Simulation
  • Design: The Future of Design and Manufacturing
  • Governance: Hassle Free Data Management
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing Software Excellence

Customer Story: TITANS of CNC

Titan Gilroy is CEO of TITANS of CNC and shared his story of educating the masses on the latest CNC technologies. He operates an advanced training facility based in Flower Mound, TX and a revolutionary suite of online CNC Academies. TITAN’s clients have included top aerospace companies, as well as other specialized industries. He also produced, directed and starred in the only reality series dedicated to American manufacturing.

Titan developed the free TITANS of CNC: Academy curriculum. Educational institutions, company training departments, workforce development consultants, private user groups, and many others have advanced their programs because of the Academy’s curriculum, which now includes AerospaceAcademy.com. Students of the Aerospace Academy will learn aerospace manufacturing, automation, GD&T, business processes, and more. Today, TITAN is not only an expert in CNC Machining, but he has also become the world’s leading advocate for the future of Manufacturing Education.

Keynote: Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson is the Design Director of Frank Stephenson Design, an independent design company with world-class talent. Frank’s major career design highlights include Lilium Aviation’s eVTOL jet, McLaren’s P1, Ferrari F430, the Maserati MC12, BMW’s original X5 and the rebirth of the modern MINI.

Frank shared how he uses the suite of SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE tools to drive his innovative design work. He is now applying his design expertise to a wide range of projects that move beyond the realms of automotive design. He is pioneering the role and way that design is seen in the future of innovation.

You can see the highlight reel SOLIDWORKS put together for the day’s events below:


Highlights from Day 3

General Session: From Connections to Relationships

The final day of the main conference began with the closing general session where we heard from users across the SOLIDWORKS community striving to make a lasting contribution for the benefit of all. Students, teachers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and professional engineers connect to share how they leverage SOLIDWORKS to create amazing experiences and innovate in unprecedented times.

TriMech is a proud supporter of SOLIDWORKS User Groups and regularly attends meetings from Maine to Florida. Browse our list to find a SOLIDWORKS User Group in your area! 

Customer Story: Matt Carney

Matt Carney is the Co-Founder of Open Standard Respirator and shared his experience adapting a business to meet the challenges brought on with the COVID pandemic. Matt was on the main stage at last year’s conference where he discussed his pursuit of developing a new business that designs innovative leg prosthetics. However, with the onset of COVID and the growing need for PPE, Matt shifted his business to developing safe and usable masks.

The primary challenge was to get these masks from concept to manufacture as soon as possible while his team and collaborators worked remotely. Matt was successful in getting his masks to market in a very short time frame and he attests that SOLIDWORKS and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform were key to the process. Through the platform, Matt and his remote team were able to manage their 3D models, documents and quality assurance systems. The statistical assurance was critical for their product to pass the necessary medical certifications in a short period of time.

Keynote: Nolan and Brent Bushnell

One of Newsweek’s “50 Men That Changed America” Nolan is the quintessential technology pioneer, entrepreneur, scientist, and engineer. Often cited as the Father of the Video Game Industry, he is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre.

Nolan’s son, Brent Bushnell, is the CEO and co-founder of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based experiential entertainment company. The interdisciplinary team strives to create immersive, social fun and is opening the first network of micro-amusement parks featuring free-roaming VR, robot bartenders, an interactive supper club and more.
In this presentation, Nolan and Brent described how they’ve leveraged the SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Platform tools over the years how they’ve adapted during the COVID pandemic.

You can see the highlight reel SOLIDWORKS put together for the day’s events below:


TriMech at the Event

Like we do every year, TriMech Application Engineers presented on several topics during the scheduled Breakout Sessions during the event. This included what I think was the best presentation at the event “Simple Tools For Advanced Renderings,” but I’m probably a little biased since I was the one presenting. 

Where there is (sadly) not an award for the best breakout session presenter at the event, TriMech was in the spotlight as we continue to push our business forward and sustain our customers even through a pandemic. We are excited to be recognized by some of our largest partners for our contribution in 2020:


      • Top Partner in North America for 3DEXPERIENCE Active Users
      • Top Sales Representative in North America


      • Top Partner in Service and Service Contracts Year over Year


      • Top 10 Subscription Reseller Award


While the past year has been far from the ‘usual,’ SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systèmes did a fantastic job of keeping this year’s 3DEXPERIENCE World engaging and valuable for its attendees. Whether the goal was to simply observe or to actively engage and network with others, attendees certainly got the value that we’ve come to expect from the annual 3DEXPERIENCE World conference!

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