3DEXPERIENCE World 2020: Day 3 Recap

   By TriMech Marketing on February 11, 2020

3DX World 2020 Blog

I can’t believe it is already day three of 3DEXPERIENCE® World. This conference has been just as amazing as prior years and still has elements of SOLIDWORKS®. Today, I got the chance to explore the Playground, formerly the Partner Pavilion, which is the are where you can walk around and check out products and demos from different partners, like you would in a tradeshow.


3DEXWorld Playground

So, if you get a chance to come to 3DEXPERIENCE World, I highly recommend exploring the Playground. It is broken into areas each with a theme. I was able to find some time in the afternoon to visit a few areas. The Shop Floor area was showcasing the manufacturing process. There you will learn about how components are machined differently using CMMs, Mills, and Lathes. There is also an education zone where Tennessee Tech University had set up a few off-road vehicles. The students were showcasing the phases of design from designing to simulating to machining that it took them to create these vehicles.

Master Chief 3DXW20

Around the other side, I came across the Mobile Fab Lab area. In the middle of this area, was a parked trailer with 3D printers inside and around the trailer. They told me they can make anything anywhere, depending on my imagination. Pretty cool! Finally, I got to the Model Mania area which is a long-standing tradition for this conference. Here you can enter a challenge to create a SOLIDWORKS model the fastest. You are never short of surprises here at 3DEXPERIENCE World, I also spotted a famous video game character, Master Chief.

Opening General Session

The general session was exciting as it opened up introducing the functionality of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Manish Kumar, from Dassault Systèmes, demonstrated the design life of a product from a lawn mower company. They leveraged the design and collaborative capabilities of the platform to create a new lawn mower. Then, Injy Gadalla the Partner Development Manger from Dassault Systèmes, introduced a few companies using 3DEXPERIENCE. Mikael Kajbring, CTO of AWAKE, came on stage to share his experience with the design capabilities of the platform. They were able to effectively create self-propelling surf boards with intricate, organic shapes. Enes Caldir and Mustafa Tulu, founders of watchX spoke to the collaborative nature of the platform. The company produces Arduino/Scratch compatible wearable development boards so that customers can create their own housing.

Training Sessions


Since I had my own presentation to give, I decided to learn from the best by attending my coworkers’ presentation. John Hall was presenting to a large audience on assembly tips and tricks. He wasn’t presenting just to the people in the room but worldwide through the SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel. If you haven’t been already, please visit the SOLIDWORKS channel for live streams of this event. It was a great refresher for me to hear John talk about assembly tips that I had forgotten!

Lucky for me I didn’t have to walk far, Eric Lanoue also from TriMech, gave a presentation in the same room right after. He was presenting on the Power of Mesh Modeling. Eric made his presentation easy to understand by breaking down the mesh process into three distinct phases: import, edit and export. He showed us what to expect when importing models and how to directly edit them.

3DEXPERIENCE is almost ending. We’ll be able to enjoy one more day of getting knowledge and inspiration from this amazing conference. Please stay tuned for the last recap.

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