3DEXPERIENCE World 2020: Day 2 Recap

   By on February 11, 2020

3DX World 2020 Recap

After two years of using SOLIDWORKS® and almost two years of working with TriMech as an Application Engineer, I was finally ready to go to my first 3DEXPERIENCE® World! Many of my team members have described all the events and seminars that are held and I just knew I had to go. As a SOLIDWORKS engineer, I’m always interested in learning new tools and techniques to share in the demos and classes I host.

Opening General Sessions

The initial keynote presentation was as insane and intriguing as I was expecting. A few very well-known SOLIDWORKS team leaders came to speak primarily about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and what we can expect to see improved in our daily engineering lives. Seeing how this platform combines so many aspects of an engineering or product design team into one environment is just amazing. They explained some of the key advantages including ways to allocate certain team members the correct tool sets, working collaboratively with team members and keeping files and information secure. They also brought out a couple of teams that were working on projects using tools such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation to come out with some really life-impacting product lines. A very inspiring morning session indeed.

3DXW20 General Sessions

Hands-On Sessions

Now, some of the hands-on sessions were meant for the users and not for resellers, but I simply couldn’t resist one of them. I got lucky and was allowed to participate in the Introduction to xShape seminar. Robert Jost from Dassault Systemés led a great mini-course on the layout of the tool and how to use it. I have to admit, I was immediately hooked! As someone who has used sculpting software previously, I loved how familiar the meshing logic was, however as a SOLIDWORKS user, I double-loved the fact that so many tools were so familiar to desktop SOLIDWORKS. From how the tool function, all the way down to their actual icons, like Shell for example, you’ll be seeing me using this program a ton moving forward.

Training Sessions

3DXW20 The Art of Questioning3DEXPERIENCE World is of course a CAD-themed event, but there were loads of sessions geared towards very useful information beyond CAD. I sat in the Art of Questioning which was led by Bobby Knight of 2QUESTION, LLC. This was a sales-oriented meeting, but he was really giving us a great perspective on how to help out the client. We discussed questions and assumptions all revolving around the concept of being “curious.” According to Bobby, the average human loses the majority of their curiosity around the age of four and a half! His perspective was very interesting and definitely something I will be applying when I’m helping a client on tech support or during a client visit.

Simulation Usage 3DXW20It’s always a good feeling seeing familiar faces when you’re out of town, so when I saw Ramesh Lakshmipathy of Dassault Systemés doing a presentation on Simulation Usage at GE Healthcare I knew I had to attend that session. His presentation was fantastic. It’s one thing to talk about these tools in theory, but to see how exactly Simulation results can be implemented in a product’s design is a very satisfying feeling. Ramesh and Joseph Lacey discussed how they use both structural and flow analysis to come up with their medical product line. Of course, medical devices need to go through strict regulation checks to hit the market, so their product line needs to work perfectly and consistently. Before any prototypes were made, Ramesh and John were able to prove a design’s validity through Simulation data. Side note, Simulation results and animations can be searched and viewed through the 3DEXPERIENCE mobile or tablet app, incredibly sleek!

3DEXPERIENCE World has absolutely exceeded my expectations so far. You can’t look anywhere in the conference building without learning something that really resonates with your workflow. Walking around, seeing the seminars, show booths and presentations made it immediately clear to me how much effort not only Dassault Systemés, but the entire SOLIDWORKS community put in to this event. Day two has set the bar pretty high, but looking at the seminars occurring tomorrow, I’m even more excited. More to come in the next two days, including my own presentation tomorrow on Customizing your SOLIDWORKS. See you there!

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