3DEXPERIENCE World 2020: Day 1 Recap

   By Matt Kokowski on February 10, 2020

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For me, day one of the very first 3DEXPERIENCE® World started with a short early morning flight. This year, I was selected to present and wanted to make sure I had my presentation backed up in multiple places. My mind is put at ease because as soon as I connect to any WiFi, I can access it through my laptop or through my phone via 3D Play on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. I am so excited to learn so much more about this platform at 3DEXPERIENCE World.  


3DXW20 Registration

The registration process ran like clockwork which is nice for such a large event. You could check in by entering your email or scanning a QR code. They had some nice items for attendees this year which included a laptop bag, t-shirt and a water bottle. I’m reminded here how important customers are to SOLIDWORKS®, one really does feel appreciated at these events. After checking in as an attendee, I checked in as a speaker and made sure everything was set there for my presentation. Preparing to be a presenter went smoothly, since the team at SOLIDWORKS provided speakers with multiple useful tools, such as webinars and presentation templates. At the event, they also had a quiet area set up for practicing your presentations.

Bike Building Event

After lunch, we hosted a charity event, which consisted of building bikes for the local Boys and Girls club. This has to be one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done at a World event and was a first for me. It was a great time to socialize and give back to the community. It was also great to see the winning team build the bike in under 8 minutes! I certainly appreciate the effort that the TriMech marketing team put into the event. Everyone there had a great time and I saw nothing but smiles throughout the room. This could easily turn into my favorite part of attending World events in the future.

TriMech Bike Build

Welcome Reception

There was a great welcome reception put on by SOLIDWORKS. It’s a great time to meet and talk to SOLIDWORKS employees directly. You rarely see them all in one place like this. In the partner pavilion, there were different products to see and try. My personal favorite was Model Mania, and for the first time, you could participate combining xDesign/XShape and SOLIDWORKS. This xDesign challenge is great and anyone can participate or vote for other participants by logging in here.

3DXW20 Partner Playground

Client Appreciation Event

This year, the day wrapped up with our annual client appreciation event at the Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar. During this time, we got to sit and talk with our clients in a fun and entertaining setting. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all the products they design and how SOLIDWORKS is changing the world one design at a time. It’s also great to answer questions, chat and put faces to names of people we’ve likely exchanged emails with over supportIt’s a fantastic conclusion to a whirlwind first day at the first 3DEXPERIENCE World.   

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