3DEXPERIENCE: Import Package with the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange Add-in

   By Sarah Taylor on October 6, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Packages provide a new way for engineers to collaborate on designs with users outside of their organization. When sharing an assembly with an external collaborator, we typically end up with bundles of files that must be zipped and unzipped, and file suffixes like “-version2_done_withEdits_FINAL”. Importing Packages keeps assembly files all in one place, with the ability to control which files can be edited/read-only and track which files have been modified. Keep reading to learn how to use 3DExperience Exchange Add-in to import a SOLIDWORKS Package file.


The SOLIDWORKS Package File has the extension “.sldpkg”. This can be imported using one of these products:

  • Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS.
  • SOLIDWORKS with the free “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange” add-in.

The package file contains everything needed to open the assembly which was “packaged” and will track which files have been modified.

How to Import a Package with 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange Add-in for SOLIDWORKS

  1. First, make sure the “3DEXPERIENCE Exchange” Add-in is turned on inside SOLIDWORKS.3dexperience exchange add-in
  1. Navigate to the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange tab and select Import Package.3dexperience exchange add-in open
  1. In the “Import Package” Window, click the “Open” icon to navigate to the “.sldpkg” file you received. Importing this package will create a working folder with the default location C:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\3DEXPERIENCE_Workspace.3dexperience exchange add-in
  1. After the package is imported, the window on the right will show which files can be edited or are set to read-only.

Editing Files Inside of Package

Now that the package is imported, you can right-click and open any of the files in the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange add-in task pane on the right. At any time, you can use the refresh button to see the updated status of the files you have modified.

exchange list

When you are done editing the files, be sure to save any files that were modified, they will be saved into the local working folder specified in Step 3 above.

3DEXPERIENCE Export Package

When you are ready to return the modified package to the original sender, navigate to Package, Export. From here you will save an updated “.sldpkg” file which can be sent back to the 3DEXPERIENCE user you are collaborating with.

exchange drop down

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