By Wayne White on August 15, 2023

3DEXPERIENCE (on Cloud) continues to push enhancements at a rapid rate. One of the biggest enhancements for SOLIDWORKS users, in the July FD03 update is integration with standard files that one would find in SOLIDWORKS file locations. Prior to the FD03 update, templates were the only standard (library) item that could be intelligently stored in a 3DSpace in the platform.

Many users have requested things like weldment profiles and sheet formats (amongst others) be stored in 3DSpace. Prior to the update, the only way to do this was via 3DDrive. 3DDrive functionality is like a personal Cloud redundant drive within the platform, but it has no revision history and direct collaboration.

Now, post-update, a CAD administrator can drag/ drop these standard files from Windows file explorer to the Bookmark Editor widget on the web. Once the bookmarks are created in a very similar way to file folders in Windows, the admin can make these bookmarks available to his/ her team with the necessary lifecycle change or sharing the bookmark. Remember, each object has its own maturity state. A bookmark that is “in work” allows other users to see those bookmarks for easier access to objects. Below is a representative example of Bookmark Structure for library components.

Bookmark Structure

After the files are uploaded to the 3DSpace and tagged through the Bookmark Editor tool, users can go to File Locations in tools, options (in SOLIDWORKS) and point his/ her location to the desired, centrally-stored standard file. Seen below is what a user sees when selecting, Tools -> Options in SOLIDWORKS and File Locations.

3D Space in the Bookmark Editor tool

See the image below- the user can choose the button – Select from 3DEXPERIENCE.

Select from 3DEXPERIENCE

>>What is the difference between 3DSpace and 3DDrive?

If there are any changes to these files, the user can choose Update which can compare the version on their machine to what is present in 3DEXPERIENCE.

The image below shows the Update functionality- the user can check all, update or purge from their uploaded standard library.

Each update in 3DEXPERIENCE is jam-packed with functionality and this is a huge feature that many users have requested.

For more information and details, be sure to sign up for training in the platform at: 3DEXPERIENCE Training Courses from TriMech Certified Experts.

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Wayne White

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