3 Secrets to a Complete Engineering Solution

Watch this webinar with TriMech Application Engineer, JC Gandiaga, as he reveals three secrets to a complete engineering solution. 

About This On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, Application Engineer, JC Gandiaga, demonstrates a full design cycle incorporating 3D scanning, CAD design and 3D printing. Using Artec Eva and Artec Studio 12, JC takes a real pumpkin, scans it and recreates a version ready to be 3D printed. Not only does this provide a pumpkin that will last long past the trick-or-treaters, but by being able to optimize your reverse engineering workflow with all 3 tools, you are getting a huge edge over your competition by becoming an engineering solution one-stop-shop. He teaches you how to:

  • 3D scan with an Artec Eva and Space Spider
  • Maximize scan-to-print capabilities 
  • Optimize your reverse engineering workflow
  • Design and 3D print jigs and fixtures
  • Become a one-stop-shop for engineering solutions 

Watch your design to come to life after learning about capturing data and manipulating it with CAD. Your design possibilities are endless. 

Learn more by watching the webinar above for a full demonstration. Request a quote to learn how 3D printing and SOLIDWORKS can work for you. 

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