10 Things You Should Include In Your Hiring Checklist

   By TriMech Marketing on June 20, 2018

As a recruiter, your primary goal is to help companies with their hiring needs in the most efficient way possible. To do this correctly, it is essential that you stay up-to-date with your own process as a recruiter. We are here to help you do so with this checklist of 10 things to keep your hiring efforts effective. 

1. Understand the needs of the company.

You can throw 20 amazing candidates at a company, but if you haven’t listened to what they need you’re wasting everyone’s time. It’s important to get a clear idea of exactly what, and who, they are looking to hire. To do this, ask questions that identify the position they wish to fill, the skills need to fill it and the culture of the company. 

2. Understand who fits those needs.

Now that you understand the company’s needs and wants, you need to understand who the candidates are. The potential hire needs to align with the needs of the company and it’s your job to figure out if they do.

3. Use your words to draw the right crowd.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of job boards online. Your message needs to stand out or you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd. When a candidate is looking for a job, they are looking for the right opportunity. Make sure your recruitment message illustrates the experience of the job to draws candidates in. If you don’t think words alone demonstrate your point, consider video clips and images to help take it to the next level. 

4. Cater to your ideal candidate.

“Location, location location.” We all know the benefits of being in a great spot, whether it’s the middle seat in the movie theater or the ice cream truck targeting the parks, we can’t ignore the importance. Your job posting is no different. Make sure you are publishing the description where your ideal candidate is sure to be searching.  

5. Get social and get online!

How did you find this article? LinkedIn? Twitter? Facebook? Social media is taking over and most of your potential hires are in the loop. Make sure you are too, by reaching out online. These social media platforms are a great tool for getting information out, so why not use it as a job posting platform? You could be a retweet away from your perfect candidate.

6. Keep improving hiring methods!

We are all constantly looking for ways to improve processes, so why should your hiring method be any different? Make sure you are flexible with interviews, keep a quick timeline to improve the procedure and always keep up with the trends in the staffing industry. Check out the rest of our blogs if you need a place to start!

7. Don’t loose touch.

Hiring can be a long process. Make sure all of your potential candidates are kept in the loop with follow-up emails, or a quick update if there is a delay in the timeline. If you don’t stay in contact, your first-choice may think you are moving on with someone else and sign a contract with a different company. 

8. Increase your collaboration.

Get outside input to make sure that you, as a recruiter, are choosing the right candidate. Introduce them to more people in the company, make sure they fit in with the culture and check all the boxes on the description before hastily pulling the trigger. 

9. Make sure your offer stands out.

How you interact with potential hires is a direct representation of the company you are hiring for. Make sure your offer reflects this and makes a candidate feel like they are wanted there. The biggest key to this is to stay away from automatically generated responses. No one wants to sit around and talk to a robot all day (sorry, Alexa!). You want the candidate to start with a positive impression. 

10. Maintain good relationships.

This tip falls directly in line with the last. Whether someone receives an offer they choose not to take, or you are informing a candidate that they did not receive the position, it is important to maintain those relationships. You never know when you are going to come in contact with that candidate again down the line and no matter what, you want them to think well of the company in the end.

Need more hiring, interviewing, or job search advice. Look no further! TriMech Staffing is here for all your staffing needs. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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